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Essential Guide to Addressing the Cloud Skills Gaps Challenge

September 20, 2016

Read the guide and learn to address the four most common cloud enablement gaps

Cloud promises significant advantages for businesses and IT organizations. But to deliver, IT must evolve its skills base and learn to play a fundamentally different role in the organization.

Successful cloud programs begin with strong strategies. And they sustain themselves with a range of new skills, methodologies and business approaches. Here are the four fundamental gaps to cloud enablement you'll learn to address in this guide:

  1. The skills and approaches needed to successfully migrate to and configure your cloud
  2. The framework for the modern IT-Business relationship
  3. Adapting to the software defined data center
  4. The tools and strategies for effective governance and cost management

The guide also provides insights into how other organizations are addressing these issues as well as recommendations for staff development and leveraging external partners to help you ‘learn as you go’.

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