State of Cloud Readiness Report - Transformation and Strategic Adoption Measured

May 20, 2016 The Editors

Transitioning to public cloud is a slow-moving process for most businesses with 61 percent still experimenting with or making limited use of public cloud.

Softchoice's 2016 State of Cloud Readiness Study surveyed 250 IT senior decision-makers and 250 line of business managers across the U.S. and Canada to understand how well IT teams currently meet their colleagues’ business needs, and measure the progress they’ve made toward strategic cloud adoption.

Measuring the Slow Shift to Public Cloud

Primary findings:

  • Strategy is key, but few have mastered it: 54 percent of IT leaders report their teams struggle to form an effective cloud strategy, and 52 percent lack a formalized cloud strategy altogether.
  • Skills gaps are real: 53 percent of IT leaders are struggling to acquire the necessary skills to support cloud initiatives within their organizations while almost half indicate staff training is not a priority.
  • Governance and cost management is a challenge: 57 percent of IT leaders report exceeding cloud budgets, while 44 percent struggle to hold lines of business accountable for cloud spending.
  • The right infrastructure counts: Half of IT leaders have had to cancel or postpone an important initiative due to the IT department’s inability to provide the necessary resources or support. However, 46 percent think their teams would be less likely to cancel or postpone major initiatives if they have the “right” infrastructure in place.

A way forward:

Fortunately, there are concrete steps business and IT leaders can take to ensure not only a smooth migration to the public cloud, but lasting returns:

  • Get started right: Understand where you are before deciding where you’re going. Explore proven methods for planning, budget and strategy development.
  • Address skills gaps: Consider creative solutions for investing in talent, training, mentorship and certifications. Finding, hiring and retaining new talent is not your only option to acquire the skills needed.
  • Establish a process for financial governance: By defining organizational cost accountabilities and capitalizing on the wealth of consumption and usage data, organizations can make the cloud’s financial model work firmly in their favor.

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Read complete cloud readiness study here.

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