Cloud Adoption and Financial Governance Self-Assessment

August 8, 2016 The Editors

Depending on the extent of your cloud adoption and the degree of focus on governance and financial management you may be more at risk for cloud cost overruns.

This quiz styled self-assessment helps you find out which cloud adoption persona you're most like, and what you should do to improve your ability to control costs.

Download the Self-Assessment Quiz

Assessing yourself objectively is never an easy task, especially if you don't have a framework to work by. Fortunately Softchoice has developed an easy to complete quiz styled self-assessment. The results of the assessment will help you understand where you are in your cloud journey and where need to focus efforts to elevate your results.

Comprised of 10 questions, the assessment measures the extent of your cloud adoption against the degree of governance and financial controls, and maps the results to one of four dominant personas: 1. Risk-Averse; 2. Cautious; 3. Gung-Ho; 4. Leading-Edge.  Download the assessment, fill in your answers and add up the scores to find out where you stand.

Click here to start your self-assessment.

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